PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: A Gamer’s Take on Which Next Gen Console Should You Get?


Jack Alfandre, Contributing Writer

Back in November of 2020, Xbox and Playstation both released their respective next-generation consoles that would change gaming. Upon announcement, the big boxy frame of the Series X, which many people compared to a refrigerator, and the massive, eccentric, look of the PS5, were two of the main talking points. Now, a little more than two months after the release, we can get a much better look at both of them and truly see which one is better.



One major feature of the PS5 is that it can load games almost instantly due to its supercharged solid-state drive. For example, the game NBA 2k21  takes only 2 seconds to load on the PS5, shaving off nearly 30 seconds of load time. Another great feature of the PS5 is its amazing graphics. The PS5 has HDR technology meaning it can sport a large display of many vibrant and lifelike colors. Not to mention the fact that it has ray-tracing technology, which allows for the kind of realistic shadows and reflections never before seen in games. 

The PS5 controller has also drawn much attention due to the fact that it has been massively upgraded from the PS4. In addition to being more comfortable and easy to handle, it has a built-in microphone so you don’t need a headset to talk with your friends while playing. It also has adaptive triggers that allow varying levels of force depending on your in-game environments, making it one of the most impressive controllers ever. But the abilities of the PS5 don’t stop there. When you are playing a game with your friends you can view another player’s screen and watch them as you play the game they are playing. 

Furthermore, the PS5 has a feature where it recommends games for you based on games you’ve previously played. Perhaps the most crucial selling point early on has been that The PS5 has exclusive games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Astro’s Playroom, and Demon Souls. All in all, the PS5 is a force to be reckoned with. 


Xbox Series X

In terms of the console’s power, it is similar to the PS5. You can play games in 4K and get up to 120 frames per second. However, the design of the Xbox Series X, which is basically a large box, is not as impressive as the PS5 console. Additionally, the controller is nearly identical to the controller for the Xbox One and Xbox One S, with only a couple of small new features: the grip and a button that allows you to capture game clips right away instead of taking multiple steps to make a game clip. 

The Series X also has many new features that the previous generation Xboxs have never been able to do before. One example is choosing which parts of games you want to install, so you can save space. Another example is that you can pre-load games before you have even paid for them. This means that you can download a game, so it is there waiting for you when you are ready to pay for it. Lastly, the Series X has many upcoming exclusive games including Halo infinite, The Medium, and many more. 

In conclusion, the Series X is also a very impressive console, and the choice is yours for which one you want to get.