Reconnecting During this Invisible Year: A Letter from Ms. Porter

Michele Porter, HS Office

The Invisible year.  It really stinks!  I call this the invisible year because you/we are unseen.  Many of you are all virtual learners.  And afraid to be here. 

Now Freshman: If this was last year, by this time I would know a majority of you.  We would have met.  And clashed or bonded.  We would know who each other was.  This year, no. I see many of you at lunchtime.  But this past year is unlike any other.  I wish I knew you.  I almost miss you more.  

Now Sophomores: Last year I met you.  I got to know names.  I called you names when you left messes in the cafeteria.  You knew me from throwing you out during testing in 8th grade.  Now, I barely recognize you.  You’ve grown, wear masks and hoodies.  I would love to meet you again.

Now Juniors:  I knew you.  Knew your names.  Could pin those for Open Mic Night potentials for senior year.  Knew a lot about you, were friendly.  I had relationships with you.  Cared about each of you, saw your potential in life, your personalities.  You’ve grown almost unrecognizable.  It makes me so sad. I miss you.

Seniors:  I knew you best.  Four years I’ve known you.  Which bothers me the most.  I’ve known so many of you from even before High School!  I see you now, some of you unrecognizable.  You’ve matured so much, so quickly, that it’s scary.  Is it good or bad?  Resilience is key, and you have come to know adversity, learned it on the fly.  It makes me so sad as we had relationships prior to this truly awful year. And now I rarely see you. I miss you.  I am hoping that y’all reach for and achieve the stars you deserve!  

Teachers, staff:  With the mailboxes out of the office you’re not seen anymore either!   This horrible virus has divided us all due to fear. You too are missed.  Come in, say hi, even for a minute! 

In years past I had seen you in plays, concerts, sports games.  I had heard you laughing, seen you cry.  I truly miss it all.   I am hoping for the best for ALL of you! I miss you even though some of us have not yet met!  You ALL can do it!  Right now the future looks bleak, but you will be stronger because of this!

Please, all grades, feel free to stop into the office to say hi, introduce  (or reintroduce) yourself.  You are missed!  

Ms. Porter