Club Spotlight: Garden Club


Mamie Rushkoff, Managing Editor

Garden club is a great way to get involved with the environment and have fun, no matter what your schedule looks like. Sasha Arditi, the club’s president, sat down with The Buzzer to answer some questions about the club and will hopefully convince you to join!

The club meets most Thursdays after school.  It convenes at the garden at the side of the high school on School Street. You can expect to plant, help take out weeds, water, and even pick the produce the garden makes! 

Students should join this club, Arditi said, because “it is simply an enjoyable thing to do.” People (can) come to whichever meetings they want to (attend) go to; you will never have a dull time. Make sure to follow the garden club on instagram at @hhs.varsity.gardenclub and come to the next meeting!