Girls Varsity Basketball 2021: How Does the Future Look?


Oscar Hayes, Staff Writer

Catie edited 12/18


It’s been a while, but Hastings basketball is flourishing once again! The past few years hit basketball hard, but now, as Coach Theodule of the Varsity girls basketball team put it, “It’s gonna really feel like a season!”

Hopefully, there will no longer be the constant pressure on players regarding contact tracing and positive tests. It can be a more run-of-the mill year. 

Despite the restrictions last season, the Varsity girls basketball team was able to salvage a good number of games and became Southern Westchester Group 3 champions—an outstanding feat considering all the circumstances they faced. 

I was able to speak with Coach Theodule about the 2021-2022 season and heard nothing but good things. Right off the bat he explained that “the girls are working very hard and [he is] very excited about the upcoming season.” Hastings has some very important games coming up including a critical tournament in North Rockland where they will be playing double and single A teams. After this momentous tournament, the classic rivalries versus Irvington and Putnam Valley will take place at home this January, so a rowdy crowd is expected!

Still, over the past two years, Hastings has lost some star players. Coach Theodule specifically pointed out the graduation of Melannie Daley and Lindsay Drozd. They were significant contributors to this Hastings team. However, as Theodule put it, “they left a legacy of winning and doing their all.” 

Daley earned All-League honors from 2016-2020, All-Conference honors from 2017-2020 and All-Section honors from 2018-2020. Drozd was a 2020 All-State selection and also was Section I All-Conference and All-League

Both of these players are thriving in Division 1. Daley is now playing college basketball at Northwestern, while Drozd is playing for Manhattan College. Recently, Daley scored 15 points for Northwestern in a game against Texas A&M, a tremendous feat considering it is her first year. 

In spite of these players leaving, Theodule made it clear that Hastings still has plenty of potential, and that “the future is bright.” This year’s team is spearheaded by Paige Martin, who Theodule described as “the leader of [the] team.” She has been playing exceptionally the past few years and just committed to play Division 1 basketball at St. Francis College.

As far as underclassmen go, Theodule specifically mentioned that fans should “look out for Violet Bowen Rink” and that Katie Drozd, Lindsay’s younger sister, [who is] really standing out this year. Hastings’ streak of winning seasons is showing no signs of slowing, and it looks like this girls team will continue to be strong. Still, as Coach Theodule pointed out, “They will have to to always bring their A game in order to compete.”

Overall, this Girls Varsity Team will be very fun to watch. Coach Theodule said that this team is “hardworking and different from teams in the past. We move a lot. The way we play is exciting”. Students, teachers, and coaches have a lot to look forward for the girls varsity team this year and in years to come.