Improv Club: Acting and Comedy

Improv Club: Acting and Comedy

Kate Ryan, Contributing Writer

During the 2021-2022 school year, students at Hastings High School have formed several new clubs. Among them is the Improv Club— short for the Improvisation Club. The founders of this club, seniors Oliver Fuchs and Celia Silverstein, came together to share their passions for theater and bringing their high school community together. For Improv Club, students meet in a classroom after school, at different times every week, and work on improv acting and comedy, with no scripts. 

Ella Campbell, a senior member of the club, stated that it is a fun way for students to get together and to “not think and just act.” She encourages everyone to join the club: “Anyone in any grades can come stop by no matter what experience they have with acting.” Ella’s favorite activity at Improv Club is similar to America’s Got Talent. There are three judges, as in the television show, and people in the club get up in front of the group and have the opportunity to show their best acting talent.  

Ella also noted that the group members create a warm and welcoming atmosphere: “The environment of the Improv Club is not judgmental, and everyone wants to have a good time.” 

In the club, you can expect numerous different activities, lots of laughs, and an audience that will cheer you on if you join. Oliver Fuchs, the co-founder of the club, gave an example of an activity that is common at the after-school meetings. The activity starts with groups of two to four students. Oliver and Celia designate a person and place to each group and leave the rest up to the students. The students then take the information they’ve been assigned and create and perform an improv scene.   

Celia describes the club as improv mixed with comedy, and notes that her reason for starting the club is partly due to her past experience with improv. “I wanted people to be able to experience the same love I have felt for [improv].” There is really no experience necessary. Co-president Oliver had never done improv prior to creating the club but decided to dive into a new activity that he knew others could enjoy. He explains that he wanted to get a new experience, and as a result, he met new friends and learned a lot about the acting world. He also says that he tries to recruit other people with no prior experience, as it brings a wider range of perspectives to the club. “I got a lot of my friends to come too. None of them had done any acting before, but they all really liked it.” 

Wyatt Lecky, a friend of Oliver’s, said, “At first, I just went because my friends were running it and I thought it would be funny, but I ended up really loving the club and I go to every meeting now. The new experience is super fun and it is a great environment.”

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