Varsity Boys Tennis Takes the Gold!


Leo Carr and Jacob Levan

This past spring season, the Hastings Boys Varsity Tennis team took home the trophy and won the league. The team was led by senior captains Ben McNulty and Ford Zamore, and they had valuable insight on being league champions and captaining the team. 

According to Ben, he and Ford have been playing together for ages. Ben started playing tennis at age five and when he was ten, he began hitting with Ford at the Yonkers Tennis Center. From the beginning, they had always played doubles together, and it made their connection stronger than their opponent’s during this past season. Two played in the first doubles position on the team, and Ben said that their most valuable trait was how well they communicated. While playing, he thinks that the varsity teams’ emphasis on fitness was also key, and this allowed them to endure longer matches and remain more active than their opponents. 

Before this amazing season, Ford had doubted whether he wanted to play tennis after high school, noting that when the  team went to other schools, he saw the other kids acting cocky and privileged. But this year, he genuinely thought that his team was the most respectful and talented he had ever been on. People remained focused, no one was on their phones, and overall, it was a super supportive environment. “Even if you think you wouldn’t be the best, you can come and have a great time in a fun community, where you can improve your skills and make connections,” Ben said. Moreover, everyone was trying to improve, knew what they wanted, and got there through a consistent willingness to help one another.

When they won the league, Ford says it wasn’t a cool, stereotypical movie ending. He knew from the beginning that the team was very balanced and strong, crucially having a strong singles, which they were lacking in from last year. With a good doubles core as well, the team saw consistent wins. Ford had expected them to do well this season, and he was super relieved when they did. Winning the league was a landmark achievement for the team as it was Hastings’ first in 14 years, and Ben and Ford hope the team will capture first once again next year.