A Special Thanks to This Year’s Senior Editors Sophie Mulaire and Seamus Pugh


As we usher out the graduating senior class and welcome a new Buzzer editorial staff, we feel it important to acknowledge and congratulate our graduating staff members, Managing Editor Sophie Mulaire and Editor-in-Chief Seamus Pugh. 

Sophie started writing for the Buzzer at the end of her sophomore year, and after writing consistently in the year following, she became a managing editor for the Buzzer. 

“She was very communicative and open in the editing process, which made writing so much easier for me,” said Sam Kennedy, one of her past mentees-turned-editor. Sophie wrote poignant articles about topics like callout culture and most recently, educational inequality. Her incredibly in-depth and thoughtful articles made her an invaluable addition to The Buzzer. 

Seamus, the 2021-2022 Editor-in-chief, led the staff with his broad journalistic knowledge and ability to remain calm and organized throughout the year. He was by far the staff’s most frequent writer, writing more than 10 articles in the past year. Mamie, one of our managing editors, said that “Seamus was my mentor when I was a contributing writer in sophomore year, and I felt like my work was always appreciated and supported.” Mr. Ross Abrams, The Buzzer’s staff advisor, loved “the fact that Seamus went out of his way to interview people whose stories were different than his,” and was always grateful for Seamus’s “consistent, thoughtful, and empathetic leadership.”

The Buzzer is eternally grateful for Sophie and Seamus’ dedication to our staff, and we wish them the very best of luck in the future!