The Expectations vs. Reality of High School

Tess Iosepovici, Contributing Writer

Christine Cifelli

Christine Cifelli: My expectation was that classes were going to be really hard and not manageable and that upperclassmen would be really scary. In reality, classes are definitely manageable as long as you make sure to balance your schedule, and upperclassmen, and people in general, are pretty approachable.









Alex Duchin

Alex Duchin: I thought that there would be more social events and things to do on the weekends. In reality, there were fewer events than I expected.










Jed Finkelstein

Jed Finkelstein: My expectation was that peer pressure would be more prominent but the reality was that peer pressure was not that bad and it did not influence me as much as I thought it would.









Camilo Granada-Cossio

Camilo Granada-Cossio: I was scared at first and thought it would be a lot of work but once I organized myself I reached my peak capability. I killed high school.