Feminism Club Spotlight


Camilla Mischka, Managing Editor

According to president Mamie Rushkoff, “the feminism club started many years ago, and it has been passed down every year to a new president. Last year was the first year we have had 3 presidents. This year the job was taken over by myself, Eesha Chen, and Isabela Hesquijarosa.”  

Feminism Club is available to anyone who wishes to join, regardless of gender. Rushkoff says “people should join because they care about human rights. This club is all about educating others and making sure people know what is happening in the world.” This is the reason Mamie was drawn to the club, saying that she “joined because [she] wanted to learn more about feminism, [and] it was a way to learn from upperclassmen.” 

Some of the work the club does is “to have fundraisers to donate to current events that deal with feminism. We also make powerpoints in order to educate others on what is going on in the world, and what they can do to be proactive. It is important for us to create a safe place so others can share personal issues they are facing relating to feminism.”

As of now, said Rushkoff, “we are figuring out where we want to donate from our bake sales that happen every month, and we are doing heavy research on what is going on in Iran so that we can educate others.” 

If you are interested in joining Feminism Club, make sure to go to room H323 on Mondays at 3:15. You can also reach out to the presidents by following the club’s instagram @hastingsfemclub. They would love to have you there!