Popular Costumes for People and Pets

Popular Costumes for People and Pets

Mabel Higgins, Contributing Writer

Whether you decided to dress up for Halloween this year or not, you may have seen people or pets wearing some of 2022’s popular costumes. There were surprising trends this year for both humans and our furry friends. 

The highly popular show Stranger Things made its way into Halloween festivities with people dressing up like the show’s main characters Eleven, Steve, Robin, or a new character named Eddie. Cosmopolitan Magazine says Stranger Things’ Eddie is the “go-to costume” for 2022. All you need is a dark curly long wig and a Hellfire tee shirt, plus that rock star attitude and you’re Eddie.

Star Wars fans showed their love for the franchise by dressing up as the Mandalorian, full armor and all. Superhero costumes have been pretty popular for a while now, and in 2022 we have three popular versions of Spider-Man from the latest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. This movie reintroduces us to the first two movie versions of Spider-Man. And you may have seen a viral meme showcasing all three Spider-Mans recently. Find two friends and you can cover all three versions!

Whether the dogs like it or not, a lot of owners are sure to dress up their pets every year. NY Magazines’s Strategist reported about some of the most popular pet costumes this year. For those who wanted their pet to stay safe and adorable while trick or treating, there were plenty of LED light up costumes to choose from.  The LED Rainbow Soft Brights Dog and Cat Costume is super cute and bright enough to alert drivers to be cautious around your precious pet. And who doesn’t want their dog or cat to dress as a rainbow?

Another fun way to dress your pet up this Halloween was as Rubie’s Pinata Pup Dog Costume that makes your dog look colorful and festive. Even though this costume doesn’t light up, it is definitely bright enough to keep them safe.

Right here in Hastings, so many of us dressed up and showed off our creative and fun costumes. It was cool to see what the most popular costumes and trends were right here in town. I had a chance to ask some Hastings High School students about their costume choices this year. Junior Erik Ghalib says, “I’m wearing a cowboy costume because it’s fun and easy.” But he wanted to score some extra credit points in Ms. Stern’s class, so he wore an Ichabod Crane hat and wig to school. Another junior, Eva Bindler, decided to conjure up some childhood nostalgia with her costume choice. Bindler says, “I chose to be [Steve] from Blue’s Clues because it brought back good memories of watching the show as a kid. It was also an easy costume, because I have a collared shirt that looks just like his.” No matter what you decided to dress up as, everyone seemed to have a lot of Halloween spirit and really — that’s all that matters.