How Do All Virtual Seniors Feel School Is Going?


Caleb Painter, Managing Editor

Although many students are currently participating in the hybrid system, going in for a few days each week, some have chosen to learn fully virtually. We wanted to check in with these students and see how their experience has been, especially seniors in their last year of High School. We asked each person the following five questions.

  1. Why did you decide to do all virtual learning?
  2. So far, how has your experience been? 
  3. What’s one unexpected positive about learning all virtual?
  4. What’s one thing you really miss?
  5. Any ideas on how school could be better for those all virtual?



Dahlia Seidel

I decided it was safer to be virtual for several reasons. I think it’s hard for a high school to consistently social distance, and I also think that some students might be wearing masks made of less effective material. The effects of coronavirus can be severe and long-lasting, and I really don’t want to bring the virus into my house. 

I’m sure hybrid students can relate to this as well, but especially being all virtual, it’s really difficult to sit in front of a computer screen all day, everyday. It’s harder to focus, and technology issues happen frequently. 

While I’d much rather be in person, something I really enjoy about being all virtual is not having to carry around a heavy backpack.

I really miss seeing my friends in school. I realized that just sitting in a classroom with other people is something I used to take for granted. The main issue for me is not being able to hear what other students are saying. I think it would be helpful if teachers could repeat more of what students say in class, but I also understand that this isn’t the most efficient use of time for the students who are in person.

Finn Rowley

 I decided to do all virtual learning for safety reasons. It was a decision between my parents and I to prevent the risk of being exposed to large amounts of people inside.
My experience has been overall positive so far.

One unexpected positive of virtual learning is that if I have a free period during the day I can do other activities during that time, rather than having to be in the building.

One thing I really miss is getting to know my teachers and interacting with my peers in school. Being virtual makes it much harder for online students to get to know their teachers.

One way school could be better for all online students is if there was a way for students to get to know their teachers better.

Graham Routhier

I decided to do all virtual learning because it seemed safer. I would have felt too nervous and stressed at school to focus on learning. After the school being shut down twice and the rising cases in hastings and the country, I feel okay with my decision. 

My experience has been good. It certainly took longer to adjust to than normal school, and with the pressure added on from college applications some times were stressful to say the least. I was very disappointed when they got rid of Flex Wednesdays; I felt as if there was a clear and obvious way to fix them: have teachers not assign extra work on them as to allow students to catch up and meet with teachers and administrators. I wish they did that rather than get rid of it completely. It’s sometimes hard to hear conversations from the classroom if the teachers have students answer but teachers have done a good job of making sure to repeat the answers back to virtual kids to make sure we are keyed into the discussion. My English teacher Ms.Walters does this well.

One unexpected positive about all virtual is the extra time I get to spend with my dog! Other than that there is not too much. At first it was pretty less than desirable but after a while you just get into the groove. I mean I have not been to in person school for over 8 months so its hard to remember what I’m missing.

I really miss the interactions with other students. Talking to teachers in person. Seeing friends in the hallways. All the good stuff about school. I miss having a difference between homework and schoolwork. It all feels the same now which makes the days feel so long. You do work for 7 hours in school in your room, then have homework for a few more hours and it just makes the day feel so long.

I don’t know, I feel like a lot of teachers have done a great job adapting, the first weeks were rough for sure, but I am really impressed in how every teacher has been able to make it work well for virtual students. Still always some problems but they seem unavoidable. Bringing  back flex wednesdays would be amazing because it would allow virtual kids and all kids to have time to chat with teachers, just with no extra work.

Tilly Zwirn-Givnish

I decided to do all virtual learning because I didn’t want to risk getting the virus or potentially give it to my family.

My experience has been okay; I definitely prefer normal, in-person learning but my teachers have worked hard to make the experience for the fully remote students as stress-free as possible.

One positive about learning completely virtually is that I can keep all of my school materials in one place; I don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring something home. I can also be with my pets during school hours!

One thing I really miss is getting to see my friends in the hallways between classes and during lunch.

I think school for the fully remote students could be better if there was more connection somehow between the students who are online and the students who are in-person to make it feel more like one class instead of two separate classes.

Chelsea Seidel

I decided to do all virtual learning for safety reasons. First of all, it’s difficult to properly social distance within a school. Secondly, even if all students comply with the mask wearing policy, not all masks are created equal, and I’m sure there are some students who are wearing masks made of less effective materials. Lastly, until we have a working vaccine, I just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

My experience has been mixed. It’s definitely more difficult to pay attention on Zoom, which I’m sure hybrid students can agree with. WiFi issues also make things more difficult. However, even though the situation is less than ideal, it’s clear that my teachers work hard to include students on Zoom, which I really appreciate.

I love that I can go to school in my pajama pants and go to the kitchen for a snack in between classes. Also, being able to have my cat with me during class is definitely a plus.

I really miss seeing my friends. We hang out outside of school, but having to do all of my classes by myself 5 days a week can be pretty isolating.

I think the best thing would be to tell in-person students to speak louder. There are times when I can’t hear what students are saying in class, which really isn’t great in discussion based classes.