5 Albums You Might’ve Missed In 2022


Ryan Shore, Contributing Writer

2022 was a huge year for the music industry. Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé returned from long hiatuses, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny ruled the billboard charts, and of course, smaller artists continue to grow to be stars, which will be highlighted in this article, as I will show five 2022 albums that are worth mentioning. They will be summarized, with a wide variety of options to choose from, and maybe it’ll spark interest to try them out.

JID – The Forever Story

Destin Choice Route, better known as JID, has been an up and coming southern hip-hop rapper for the past few years. With his connection to record label Dreamville, run by critically acclaimed rapper J. Cole, he was able to make a name for himself as one of the most talented members among his peers. The Never Story, his debut album from 2017, was rumored to have a sequel for years, and that’s what The Forever Story came to be. His previous record, DiCaprio 2, was widely enjoyed, but it lacked personality that left fans eager for the essential JID album to release. After 4 years, he returned, and expectations were exceeded. With hype tracks like “Raydar”, “Dance Now”, and “Crack Sandwich”, to singing cuts like “Galaxy” and “Kody Blu 31”, there’s so much to work with, and it’s one of those albums where the sound features a wide variety. From his impressive flows, to beat switches, to guest appearances, and most importantly personality, The Forever Story is a one of a kind experience that is definitely one of the best releases among all genres in 2022.

Brakence – Hypochondriac

Randall Findell, better known as Brakence, quickly grew to be one of hyperpop’s biggest names. His first big hit, “dropout”, was a big moment for him, as he received a feature from pop singer and celebrity, Blackbear. Brakence’s debut album, Punk 2, became widely loved in the hyperpop scene, and throughout the year of 2022, he released fantastic singles that created even more noise for the next album. Once it was released, the reception was incredible, as the album was better than it was expected to be. It shows vulnerability, personality, catchiness, and ascending production behind it. It’s definitely one of the better albums to release in 2022, and his fast progression leaves me with no doubts that his next project will be even better.

Rosalía – MOTOMAMI

Rosalía Vila Tobella, a singer from Barcelona, has become one of if not the most popular female singer in Spanish music. She almost immediately became a superstar, as she began to collaborate with musical icons such as Bad Bunny, J. Balvin, Billie Eilish, Cardi B, Travis Scott, and even The Weeknd. Rosalía has a fantastic voice, and continues to show that through experimentation, not just the generic radio cut. The intriguing part of the record is the perfect flow of the album and its well-curated order does not make it seem like a compilation of fun tracks. She seems to take that extra step to make this a true album experience. The reception to the record is quite eye-opening, with six music critics naming it their album of the year. It’s really the essential album of hers, and I bet she’ll continue to improve.

The 1975 – Being Funny In A Foreign Language

Being Funny In A Foreign Language is a work of art that was almost entirely produced by Jack Antinoff, who’s worked heavily with Taylor Swift in recent years. Ross MacDonald on bass, George Daniel on drums, Adam Hann on guitar, and frontman Matthew Healy come together to make one of the best comeback albums this year. Formed in 2002, the band took a long time to find their path, releasing their first EP a decade after formation. Most of their records over time were filled with synth/rock/art pop hits. However, 20 years down the road, Being Funny In A Foreign Language is the album that finally took the next step. They finally had a truly great album. Their name has been on the map for quite some time, but the cohesion, beauty, and charm of the new record, with its variety in sounds and emotions are just the tip of the iceberg for how great this is. There’s no doubt that they can improve, but this is The 1975 album that deserves the most flowers yet.

Redveil – Learn 2 Swim

Marcus Morton, better known as Redveil, is a teenager from Washington D.C. who’s making big moves early in his career. Learn 2 Swim is such a refreshing experience, and really feels like a complete album. His debut album, Niagara, is great as well, especially because he was a high schooler making it. The problem with Niagara is its length, as it’s short and seems to lack depth needed for it to be considered the next step in his career. Also, the new album shows his personality as an artist, as his debut was heavily influenced by rappers, most noticeably Earl Sweatshirt. It’s inspiring to know that he’s only 18, and this is his second project. There’s so much to prove, and so much room to grow, but for his class, he seems to be at the top of the list so far. Redveil’s abstract, conscious, jazz influenced hip-hop sound melts in your ears, as his ability to push the agenda for the growing genre, especially for young artists, is proof of his early excellence. He has the chance to become one of the next generation’s best rappers if he continues to grow at this pace.

2022 was a great year for music, and these artists seem to have a bright future ahead of them. 2023 is looking to be a great year for music, and more artists like these will have moments in the spotlight to become the next generational talent.