Hastings Springs into Spring Pep Rally

Catie Cho, Managing Editor

The year 2022 has marked the return of a lot of “normal” school functions: (almost) maskless school, indoor theater, and a normal sports schedule. This year, however, there’s one new kid on the block—Spring Pep Rally. 

In years past, Pep Rally was an event that took place around Homecoming weekend—usually in October—meant to build excitement for the Homecoming Games, specifically football. This year, the Student Union seeks to bring that same high-energy recognition to the sports offered in the Spring season (Girls Lacrosse, Boys Lacrosse, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Boys Tennis). 

According to Liam Shanley, the head coordinator of Spring Pep Rally, this event has been long in the making.

 “Mr. A. has wanted to do this for the past few years, and I was the first person to pick it up,” Liam said. In terms of what the event will actually look like, Liam says it’s going to be pretty similar to Fall Pep Rally—same location, same team-choreographed dances—but of course, different teams. “The Fall sports tend to be more celebrated in the school,” said Shanley. “With Spring Pep Rally, we hope that the Spring athletes feel the recognition that they rightfully deserve.”

From the Track and Field team, junior William Lemischak says that a Spring Pep Rally will “allow students to be recognized for their Spring sports—even if they didn’t play a sport in the Fall.” Similarly, Sophie Mines, one of the Senior captains of the Girls Lacrosse team, says, “there are different sports so it’s just a different vibe altogether. Pep Rallies also just have overall fun vibes and everyone always has a great time.”

Additionally, Lemischak noted that Fall and Spring Pep Rallies seem to serve different purposes. “Fall Pep rally allows us to set the scene for the recently started school year,” he said, “whereas Spring Pep Rally will allow seniors to have one final hurrah before graduating.” It’s a heartwarming and heart-pumping way to promote any Senior season.

“Pep rally allows students to support one another and creates a positive and encouraging environment,” added  Lemischak. 

Similarly, Mines said that Pep Rally is “a way for everyone to come together and show spirit for Hastings. Pep rally shows how much people love their sports and school.”

For Lemischak, the team dances are the defining factor of Pep Rally. “They make it more exciting and allow for us to truly recognize each team individually, as opposed to just a standard call-up and acknowledgement.” These dances also allow teams to have fun and bond while working to choreograph for the event.

Spring Pep Rally will be held on Friday, April 29, 2022 at Upper Reynolds. While there is a plan for the day, Mines thinks that the nature of Pep Rally is unpredictable. “Everything is kind of a surprise and you never know what’s next!”